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Mar 12, 2017

Six Reasons to Eat Gelato

GELATO: In Italian, gelato means “frozen.”
Gelato (Italian ice cream) is a healthier alternative to regular ice cream. Moreover, Gelato is very light, has a smooth texture and is very flavorful. Whether you are treating yourself or taking the kids out for a break, make a wise decision and enjoy something that is tasteful and healthy.

Here are five great reasons to eat Gelato:

1. Gelato is low fat. The primary ingredient in gelato is milk, as oppose to cream used for making ice cream. Traditional ice cream has 18-30% fat content vs. Gelato has only 2-9% fat. And when you do eat the fat, you get to taste real strawberries and pistachio, whereas the fatty acids, triglycerides or trans fats found in ice cream block your taste buds and prevent the flavors from reaching you.

2. Gelato has half the calories you find in ice cream. That makes a huge difference when you are trying to maintain that beach body!

3. Generally no artificial flavoring or ingredients are used to make Gelato. A basic recipe contains whole milk and sugar. Fresh fruits, nuts and chocolate are added for flavor. You already know that eating real food is better for you.

4. Gelato is gluten-free. If you are allergic to cakes, pies, breads and other desserts that have flour in them, your best option is Gelato. Even diabetics can consume Gelato in moderate amounts. This is because the sugars used are largely in the form of saccharose (composed of glucose and fructose) which does not raise the glycemic levels as much as say potatoes.

5. There are health benefits to eating Gelato. It contains high levels of protein, vitamin B, calcium and phosphorus. These are necessary for good health and especially important for children, seniors, pregnant women and athletes.

6. If you're lactose-intolerant, this is a biggie.
SORBETTO: Sorbetto is an American term for an even healthier version of gelato because it is made with water instead of milk, making it fat-free and dairy-free with a fruit-based flavor. In Italy, whether it is made with water or milk, it is still referred to as gelato.

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