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  • Happy Tuesday dear friends!
    May 4, 2021

    Happy Tuesday dear friends!!!!!

    💫Meatball -Polpette Pizza 💫
    Perfect duo 🤩, small meatballs and Ricotta cheese 🧀

    Join us!!!!

    @wiltondrive @fortlauderdalerestaurants

  • Happy Saturday dear friends!
    May 1, 2021

    Happy Saturday dear friends!!!!!!

    Come and join us 🤩

    Try our ✨Pizza Portofino✨
    Pesto sauce, pine nuts, fresh diced tomato, all topped with arugula and Shaved Parmesan.
    Real Italian taste 🇮🇹

    @wiltondrive @fortlauderdalerestaurants

  • Available at @dolcesalatofla “VEGAN CHEESE”
    Apr 28, 2021

    Available at @dolcesalatofla “VEGAN CHEESE”
    You can add on all our “Special Pizza”!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to try!!!!


  • Have a great day dear Friends!
    Apr 25, 2021

    Have a great day dear Friends!!!!!

    Make today an amazing 🤩 day!!!!
    Come to join us!!!!


    @wiltondrive @doordash @fortlauderdalerestaurants

  • Hello Friends!
    Apr 22, 2021

    Hello Friends!!!!
    Have a great Thursday and don’t forget to order Pizza 🍕🤩🤩🤩🤩

    Our Special Pizza “Half & Half”
    ✨Capricciosa VS Americana✨

    What’s the best?
    You can mix both!!!! 🤩


    @wiltondrive @doordash @ubereats @grubhub @slice

  • Have a great week dear Friends!
    Apr 19, 2021

    Have a great week dear Friends!!!!!

    Start the week in a good mood... just with our good food 🍕❤️


    ✨Pizza Pepperoni✨ VS ✨Pizza Parmigiana✨ (thin crust pie, with eggplants, basil and Parmesan cheese)
    🔛🔛choose your favorite 🤩

  • It’s fri-YAY!
    Apr 16, 2021

    It’s fri-YAY!!!!!

    Got that Friday feeling... eat Pizza 🍕❤️


    🔛visit our website!!!!
    And.... don’t forget to order!!!!!!

    @fortlauderdalerestaurants @doordash @ubereats @grubhub

  • Happy Thursday friends!
    Apr 15, 2021

    Happy Thursday friends!!!!!!

    No matter how you slice it.... just eat pizza 🍕❤️


    ✨Pizza Hawaiian✨
    Thin crust pie with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, ham & pineapple 🍍


    @wiltondrive @fortlauderdalerestaurants

  • Hello Friends!
    Apr 14, 2021

    Hello Friends!!!!!

    You are what you eat 🤍

    Don’t forget to try our amazing 🤩 food!!!!!!


    ✨Pizza Speck and Brie✨
    Thin crust pie, tomato 🍅 sauce, mozzarella cheese, very creamy Brie cheese 🧀 and Speck (really tasty smocked prosciutto, from Italy 🇮🇹)

    Go ahead!!!! Let’s try!!!!!

    @wiltondrive @doordash @ubereats @tripadvisor @fortlauderdalerestaurants

  • It’s Tuesday friends!
    Apr 13, 2021

    It’s Tuesday friends!!!!!!


    You can choose our “Special Pizza” or “Make your own Pie” 🔝🔝🔝

    ✔️choose the size
    ✔️choose the style
    ✔️pick among lots of toppings (veggies, meats, cheeses .... 🥦🥩🧀)


    @wiltondrive @wilton_manors